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 The Data Recovery Services Expert:

CBL Japan Data Recovery is an international provider of data recovery services for failed
 hard disk drives in laptops, desktops, data servers, RAID arrays and tape cartridges, removeable
 media. Recommended by manufacturers, CBL's hard drive recovery services are
 and backed by a
'No Data, No Charge' service guarantee.

 CBL's Data Recovery Services Advantage:  Hard Drive Recovery Service We Specialize In:

 * Free Evaluation With Written Quote
 * 'No Data, No Charge' Service Guarantee.
 * 100% Customer Privacy and Confidentiality
 * 'Warranty Safe' Data Recovery Services
 * Worldwide Data Recovery Service Coverage

 * Any Media / Any Brand / Any Operating System
 * Physically Damaged Hard Drives"Click Of Death"
 * Deleted, Overwritten or Corrupted Files & Emails
 * RAID, SAN, NAS and Server Data Recovery
 * Tape Overwrites, Backup Restore Services

 If you would like to start the hard drive recovery process immediately simply fill out our online
data recovery assessment form. What You Receive: Job Reference Number, Shipping Instructions,
Service Introduction, Same Day E-mail to you Or you may call us at
 ※ Please input information to the field, [*] column is necessary.
 ※ The application e-mail transmitted at since 17:00 and the weekend and the national holiday,
   We will contact you at the next business days.

 CBLJP・Data recovery service FAQ  Please call CBLJP data recovery service center hot line
  >> 070-3532-6057 <<  when you hurry up.

<<Japanese, English and Chinese can correspond.>>

The Customer Information

Contact Name:

Company Name:
【The customer of the privately, Please input to the filling
"Individual" in column of the company name.】
Telephon Number:
E-mail Address:
Confirm E-mail Address:
FAX Number:
Post Number:
How You Found Us?:

Service Information

Select Service level:

Media Type:
Drive Manufacturer:
FAT Type:
Model Name:
Serial Number:

Breakdown media information

Partition Information in Media
or RAID Information:
(RAID Number and
RAID Controller Name)

Please Describe Your
Data Loss Problem:

When the content of choices
doesn't apply, Please fill in details
on the column in the under:

What Files・Holder are
Most Important to you:

 【Use of individual information】

  Individual information on the customer filled in on this form is used for the customer's
  situation grasp, restoration policy analysis, and the contact to the customer.

  CBL Japan Inc. Values your privacy.
  Please click here to view our Privacy Policy. (in Japanese)


 The Data Recovery Service Process:
Thank you for contacting CBL Japan Inc. data recovery service. CBLJP Data Recovery Service Flow

  We can offer customer a free initial diagnosis to evaluate the possibility of data recovery.
 Below is an explanation of our delivery procedures, service outline, and the initial diagnostic

1: The time required for delivery, initial diagnosis at CBL JAPAN and recovery work is as follows.
   Initial diagnosis      1-3 business days
   Data recovery work    1-2 business days

2: The service outline of our company is as follows.
  * The customer first confirms the initial diagnostic contract and writes what is required
    in the initial diagnostic application form.
  * The initial diagnostic application form is shipped to CBL JAPAN with the breakdown media
    and delivery charge prior payment is made by the customer.
  * An initial diagnosis is carried out on the hard drive.
  * If data restoration is possible, an estimate is given.
    If restoration is impossible or the customer decides to cancel, the breakdown media is
    returned by charge cash on delivery.
  * The data restoration fee is transferred to the estimate.
  * As soon as verification of payment is received, work starts on the data recovery.
  * Data restoration is complete.
  * The restored data is sent to the customer on a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.
    (Other media can be used at an additional cost.)

3: Initial diagnostic contract
   Please find enclosed an initial diagnostic contract (in Japanese) and an initial diagnostic
  application form. The contents of the above are very important for the initial diagnostic
  contract and when data recovery is requested. We need to work with you on this, we ask
  you to take the time to read through this carefully.

   If you agree on the contents of the initial diagnostic contract, please fill out the initial
  diagnostic application form and send it to us.

   In addition, if you send the media to be recovered, please be sure to write down the data or
  the folder name which you require to be recovered in the initial diagnostic application form.

4: Sending the breakdown media
   The breakdown media is shipped at customer expense to the following address after
  enclosing the initial diagnostic application form.
Receiver's address :
  CBLJapan Inc. Deta Recovery Lab
  2F, 3-11-5 Kanda-Jinbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051 Japan
  TEL: 070-3532-6057

   After the breakdown media arrives, We will reply The acknowledgment of receipt and
  JOB ID number for pursuit in the future from the recovery center by e-mail

5: Data restoration fee
   The fee for restoration work is calculated based on the content of the repair work, the
  volume of data restored, breakdown media type and the initial diagnosis of the breakdown
  media itself.

   Please read
【the Initial diagnostic contract】 carefully, the estimate of fees
  and time for delivery as above and, if you are in agreement with these things, please fill in
  the forms and send them to us. ( CBL Japan Data recovery center )

           (in Japanese)          

           Thank You For Choosing CBL Japan Data Recovery.
               We Look Forward To Working With You.

No data,
No charge!
The diagnosis free!
The estimate free!
Call CBLJP now
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